Wellington Fibres

From our goats to your knitting needs

At our farm outside Elora, ON. Canada , we raise Angora Goats and produce a number of different natural, dyed, and hand-painted yarns processed in our own spinning mill. Custom processing of natural fibres is also available.


Lemon Yellow WA 10$5.90$11.05$26.00$50.00$97.60
Warm Yellow WA 11$6.30$11.85$28.00$54.40$105.60
Scarlet WA 22$4.70$8.50$19.60$37.60$72.00
Red WA 30$6.10$11.35$26.80$52.00$100.80
Magenta WA 40$6.70$12.65$30.00$58.40$113.60
Ultramarine Blue WA 55$6.30$11.85$28.00$54.40$105.60
Navy WA 56$4.50$5.75$12.80$24.00$44.80
Black WA 90$4.10$7.35$16.80$32.00$60.80
Brown WA 35$4.30$7.85$18.60$35.60 
Olive WA 45$4.50$7.25$17.10$32.60 
Bordeaux WA 65$4.10$6.10$14.25$27.50 

Scouring Soap
250mls500 mls1itre
Triscour Soap$2.70$4.50$8.20

Mordant for Weak Acid Dyes
250gms500 gms1Kg
Citric Acid$3.70$6.65$6.65

Come Visit Us Near Elora

Wellington Fibres - Donna Hancock
7119, Middlebrook Rd.
RR #1 Elora, ON, Canada N0B 1S0
Telephone: (519) 846-0669
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